Larghetto by Antonio Borghese

I’m currently working on Larghetto from Eythor Thorlaksson’s Guitar Moment II.

The composer is given simply as “Borghesi”. Searching for this name turns up little information. Grove Music Online (subscription required; UK readers should have access through their libraries), however, has an article about an Antonio Borghese, an 18th century French composer, possibly born in Italy. Alternative spellings of his name include “Borghesy” and, as above, “Borghesi”. He seems to have been well travelled, so the different spellings may have suited him depending on where he was.

As for the piece itself, it has 32 bars in full, but for practising, this can be reduced: the first eight bars are repeated, the last eight are a repeat of the previous eight, the last four are a repeat of the 5th-9th, and bars five and six are a repeat of the first two. So instead of playing through all 32 bars each time, I can concentrate on just ten. Ten bars fit comfortably onto one screen, so I don’t have to stop to scroll.

Although there’s no explicit tempo marking, the name Larghetto suggests a fairly slow tempo, in keeping with the melancholy of the piece. David McHarg’s interpretation, the only recording I’ve found so far, follows that suggestion.

Here is my own recording, the first I’ve ever made public:

I had a few goes before settling for this one. This was the recording I was least unsatisfied with. Still, there’s much I don’t like about it. Listening to a recording of yourself reveals inconsistencies in rhythm and tempo that are somehow not so apparent while actually playing. Lots to do…


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