Andante by Diabelli

Next in Eythor Thorlaksson’s Guitar Moment II collection is Andante by Anton Diabelli (1781-1858). I didn’t find many recordings online, just this recording by Luthval, played on the Romantic guitar, a smaller instrument than the modern guitar, with a more lute-like tone.

I’ve worked on this for three hours over the course of a week, usually for 5-15 minutes at a time. It was fairly straightforward; no major stumbling blocks. The three chords at the end took a little practice to get right, but I could mostly concentrate on keeping the rhythm consistent and following the dynamic markings.

I hope to have video set up soon. In the meantime here is my audio recording:

Again, I made a couple of recordings before deciding which one I disliked the least. There are a few wrong notes and some irregularities in the timing but I tried to ignore them and carry on. I can always record it later once I’m more consistent.


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