Vals by Carulli

Next is Vals by Ferdinando Carulli (1770-1841). The arrangement is by Eythor Thorlaksson and is published in his free Guitar Moment II collection.

There seem to be several different waltzes by Carulli and none of the ones I found on YouTube was this one. This one is in the key of G.

The hardest thing with this piece, and something I find difficult in general, is making sure the notes are the right length. That means observing rests and damping strings where necessary. The first six bars were difficult to get right for this reason. It’s funny: it’s not actually playing the notes that is the hard part; it’s not playing them that is the hard part, if that makes sense.

This was also the first piece I hadn’t memorised. I was playing from the score on the computer and you can hear a slightly longer pause before the second section while I scroll down to see the rest of the music. I didn’t really make an effort to memorise the previous pieces but for some reason this one didn’t stick in memory the same.


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