Study in B Minor by Sor

In a previous post I said that my first performance piece was going to be Sor’s Study in B Minor. Well, here it is, the first take – first of many, no doubt. I started learning this piece nearly two months ago at the beginning of August and, along with many other pieces, I’ve been working on it almost every day.

Most of my time has been spent on the last nine bars. They were the most challenging, with shifts up the neck into barre chords. I changed the fingering in bar 41 to use a guide finger, which helped with the biggest shift.

There are still mistakes, places where the tempo goes a bit off kilter, but I’m reasonably happy with this first attempt. What I want to work on for the next take is evening out the arpeggios, smoothing the shifts, getting rid of the fret noise, and making the dynamics more deliberate. In other words, I want it to be more musical.


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