Màiri Bhàn Òg

My next performance piece after Sor’s Study in B Minor is a Scottish folk tune called Màiri Bhàn Òg, or Mary, Young and Fair.

(For those unfamiliar with Scottish Gaelic, the letters “bh” together are pronounced as English “v”, and the letter “g” sounds more like English “k”. So Màiri Bhàn Òg could be transcribed as “ma-ree van ock”.)

Being a Celtic folk tune, it has a different feel to it than anything else I’ve learned. It’s more commonly heard on the harp, but I think it sounds great on the guitar too. I worked from a score transcribed by Nicola Conato. He’s also made public his own rendition.

[Edit: you can now see a video of me playing Màiri Bhàn Òg.]


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