I haven’t updated this blog in a few weeks. So here’s a brief summary of a few things I’ve been doing lately. I’ll expand on them later.

  1. I have half a dozen practice pieces ready to record. As I practise in half hour slots, I find that setting up the recording takes away too much time from actual practice. I should just devote one session to it and get rid of the backlog. I know it would help me to hear more objectively what I’m playing too.
  2. I finished Sor’s 120 studies for the right hand. I mostly managed two or three a day and they were fairly straightforward up until the 90s. Some of the 100s took a day or two each, and the fingering in number 114 still eludes me.
  3. As soon as I finished Sor’s study I started Sagreras’ lessons and quickly progressed through the first book. He makes extensive use of the rest stroke, or apoyando, something I haven’t seriously looked at yet, so this is good practice for me.
  4. I’m working my way through Tom Service’s series on the 50 greatest symphonies. I don’t expect to hear much guitar – it would be drowned out by the rest of the orchestra – but I think it’s helping me to listen more carefully, critically, to music in general.
  5. As a sort of companion to the last point, I’m reading Norman Del Mar’s Anatomy of the Orchestra, which I picked up for a bargain sum. Again, not much about the guitar, but it’s all music.

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