Two years of practice

A month of no posts, but I’ve still been practising. In fact I’ve been practising for two years now. I started seriously in November 2015 and have practised consistently ever since. Averaging about an hour a day—two thirty-minute sessions—I’m 700 hours into the 10,000 needed to become an expert…

I celebrated this minor milestone by stringing my guitar with something other than the cheapest of the cheap strings (£1 from China). I forked out for Alice AC134N strings, which cost me £5.99. Initial impressions are good: the trebles sound warmer straight away; the basses are still slightly twangy, but I think they might settle in; and I think they produce a longer sustain.

Over the next year or so I want to experiment with different strings. I’ve heard good things about the D’Addario EJ45s, so they are on my list.


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