Here is the entirety so far of what might rather grandiosely be called my repertoire: all the pieces that I have committed to memory and can call on whenever someone asks me to play something. This music has a pedagogical value for me but I also hope that my performances—despite their flaws—have some musical merit the listener can appreciate.

I’ve tried to include some variety, not only classical pieces but also folk music, traditional tunes, and even some ragtime. The list will expand as my playing progresses, but for now, in reverse chronological order:

7. Lágrima by Tárrega

6. Ragtime by A. J. Weidt

5. Romance, among other names, by an anonymous composer

4. Silent Night (video) by Franz Gruber

3. Màiri Bhàn Òg (video) by an anonymous composer

2. Study in B Minor by Sor

1. Vals Allegretto by Giuliani

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